National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) are funded by governments and are responsible for control the athletes of their country in and out of competition, as well as athletes of other nationalities competing in their country. In addition, NADOs are responsible for sanctioning anti-doping rule violations and conducting anti-doping education programs.


The Monegasque Association of Olympic Athletes aims to foster the development of relations between Olympic athletes, to encourage national interest in the Olympic Games, to promote and disseminate the fundamental principles of Olympism and of the Olympic movement, to cooperate with the Committee Monegasque Olympic in order to advance the Olympic ideal and competition in the Principality of Monaco, to assist promising Monegasque athletes in their development, training and competition in the sports concerned by the Olympic program and to maintain camaraderie between former Olympic athletes and members of the Olympic Committee.

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The Monegasque Olympic Committee, chaired by HSH Prince Albert II, member of the IOC, comprises all the national federations affiliated to the IFs governing sports included in the program of the Olympic Games or their representatives and elected representatives of the athletes, who must have taken part in the Olympic Games. They may also include as members: national federations affiliated to IFs recognized by the IOC and whose sports are not included in the program of the Olympic Games; multisport groups and other sports organizations, or their representatives, as well as persons possessing the nationality of the country and likely to reinforce the effectiveness of the NOC having rendered eminent services to the cause of sport and Olympism.

Monaco is a hotbed of international sport. But it is the Monegasque federations that make the Principality's sporting heart beat faster. And they will always find the Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee at their side, in an advisory role, daily awareness-raising, regular actions or controls. Here is their list (under construction).