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The rules of the game are nothing less than the fundamental social values such as the preservation of human dignity, equality of all before the law, respect for others and concern for justice, but many others, such as creating social cohesion or sharing a quality of life, could be mentioned.

Philippe Orengo, President of the Monegasque Anti-doping Comitee


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BY ROAD : The A8 motorway is only 8 km from the city centre and provides access from France via Nice and from Italy via Menton.

BY TRAIN : To reach the Principality. you can use the TER network via Nice or Italy. From Monaco Station, you can reach the Louis II Stadium on foot, by bus or taxi.

BY PLANE : Nice Cote d’ Azur Airport connects the Principality with the whole world. From the airport, the road network makes it possible to travel the 22 km from Nice to Monaco in less than 30 minutes by car, bus or taxi.


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