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Who carries out the doping control?

The doping control officers are samplers approved by the CMA.
To carry out a doping control, they have a mission order issued by the CMA.

Why are there two samples during an inspection?

During an anti-doping control, the collection of the biological sample is distributed in two vials, we then speak of “sample A” and “sample B”.
The accredited laboratory in charge of the analysis of the sample examines the A sample as a priority, the B sample being kept to allow a second analysis, in case of dispute of the results of the analysis of the A sample.

What is the deadline for the results of the control?

In general, it takes three to five weeks from the date of the doping control for the analysis report to be available.
However, the deadlines for rendering results are uncertain and vary depending on the nature of the competition (international events are treated as a priority, then those at national level, etc.) and, on the other hand, the workload of the laboratory.

Why am I being checked?

The selection of athletes to be tested is mainly done in two ways:
- Or by drawing lots
- Or by selection based on criteria defined in advance by the examining doctor (the first 6, withdrawals, etc.).

In which competitions can I be tested

Doping controls can be carried out at all levels of competition, whether they are international, national, regional or departmental.

What are doping substances?

If you know the name of the drug or substance, you can use our search tool by clicking here
Otherwise, do not hesitate to write to us at info@onad-monaco.mc or via the Contact form

My results are positive, what's going on?

When the analysis of your samples has revealed the presence of at least one prohibited substance or method (so-called "positive" control), your federation (if you are licensed by this Monegasque federation) or the CMA (if you are not not licensed by the Monegasque organizing federation) will send you a letter informing you of the grievances against you and your rights.

My results are negative, what's going on?

When the analysis of your samples has not revealed the presence of any prohibited substance or method (so-called "negative" control), you have the option of requesting, in writing, that a copy of the analysis report be sent to you. . Your request should then be sent to your Monegasque federation, if you are licensed or to the CMA, if you are not licensed.

How do I dispute my test results?

Following receipt of your analysis results, you will have 4 working days to request the analysis of your B sample.

Your file will then be sent to the federation to which you are affiliated, which will be in charge of making the decisions relating to your sanction.

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