The reference document

Since 2004, and under World Anti-Doping Code, WADA publishes the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods annually. Constituting one of the  WADA International Standards, The List identifies substances and methods prohibited in competition, out of competition and in certain sports. These are classified into different categories (eg, steroids, stimulants, gene doping, etc.).

The role of WADA is to orchestrate the consultations preceding the preparation and publication of the List no later than 1er October with a view to its entry into force on 1er January of the following year.

Monitoring program

In consultation with signatories and governments, WADA will establish a monitoring program for substances not on the Prohibited List, but which it nevertheless wishes to monitor in order to determine the prevalence of use in sport. .

WADA will publish, before any monitoring, the substances to be monitored. The presence of these substances or the declared use cases will be periodically reported to WADA by the laboratories in the form of statistical data grouped by sport. It will also indicate whether the samples were taken in competition or out of competition. These reports will not contain any additional information on specific samples.

WADA will make available to international federations and national anti-doping organizations, at least once a year, statistical data grouped by sport on these substances. WADA will take measures to preserve the strictest anonymity of athletes in these reports. The declared use or the detection of the monitored substances cannot constitute an anti-doping rule violation.