University Diploma “Sports doping: Training in the fight and prevention”

Mrs Andrea Alessio, Permanent Secretary of the Committee and Mrs Muriel Tonnelli, head of the Training-Education-Prevention Commission, brilliantly obtained the diploma from the University of Paris-Saclay, "Sports doping: Training in wrestling and prevention ”.

In partnership with the Agence Française de Lutte contre le Dopage and the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, the University of Paris-Saclay (Faculty of Pharmacy / UFR-STAPS) has created a Continuing Education University Diploma certified ISO 9001 (2015) entitled “Sports doping: Training in control and prevention”.

Placed under the responsibility of Professor François Coudouré, biologist at the Paris Saint Joseph Hospital of the APHP, and involving recognized experts from both universities and the senior civil service or even specialized institutions and organizations, the training of 'a total duration of 100 hours face-to-face and remote, is made up of several modules. Success in the final exam and the defense of a thesis are the conditions for obtaining the diploma.

The modules present a very dense versatile content including:

  • sports law, legal and ethical aspects in the fight against doping, standards;
  • pharmacology, toxicology, analytical approaches, biological profiling;
  • physiology of performance and responses to training;
  • athlete nutrition;
  • individual and collective prevention;
  • the role of institutions (sports movement, federations, association, health professionals, etc.);
  • animal doping and controls;


The Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee is pleased to announce that two of its members, Ms. Andrea Alessio, Permanent Secretary of the Committee and Ms. Muriel Tonnelli, head of the Training-Education-Prevention Commission have not only obtained this diploma but also figured in the Top three of the class of 2019, the major of the class being one of the members of the Committee.

Their success does honor to the search for excellence aimed at by our anti-doping organization and more generally at the Principality of Monaco. Thanks to them, the Committee and the Principality can legitimately boast of having highly qualified people in this complex and diverse field of activities and thus be able to offer its athletes the quality service they are entitled to. 'expect.

A big congratulations to our collaborators!

Daghe Munegu!

Daghe Cumitau munegascu cuntra u doping!