Be alongside the athletes

The Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee is above all there to support athletes, of all levels and of all ages, in the daily practice of their activity. Of course, the very object of the Committee's existence is the fight against the scourge of doping, both for ethical reasons, but also for health reasons.

But the repressive component is only part of our action. We are concerned to be present with athletes to provide them with advice and information so that they do not find themselves, for one reason or another, caught up in the spiral of repression.

The recent, and numerous, cases have shown that, beyond the vast organized networks, a large part of the cases of positive controls were due to a lack of vigilance and of knowledge of the subject. This is precisely where the Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee comes in.

Information is the mother of safety

It is therefore very important, for each athlete, to keep a regular watch on the subject and, in case of doubt, even the smallest, to turn to the competent authorities, such as the Committee.

The CMA site is there for that, but our offices are open and our doctors are always listening.

Some recommendations

For a serine practice, we recommend that athletes follow these few precepts:

  •  keep themselves informed, with their federation, the CMA or any other competent body of the anti-doping regulations in force and of any modifications;
  • inform his doctor of his sports practice during any visit giving rise to a medical prescription;
  • Never practice self-medication;
  • Be vigilant when purchasing food supplements and diet products, in particular on the Internet;
  • Do not confuse prescription and TUE.